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Why do we need SEO and who is responsible for conversion?

A business can be both online and offline. Or both. But one thing is for sure, if you’re running a business it is a necessity in this technological age to have a website. A business website functions to provide information to visitors. It is a sales and promotional tool. But each company should also be thinking about creating a conversion rate and converting visitors from viewers to customers. This can be done via filling out a simple form for capturing their email addresses. You can mail new information about products or services with a link to purchase. Some business will be done offline and the conversion can be as simple as the customer calling in for more information.

So why do we need SEO? What does SEO achieve?

Well all businesses who are trying to create a conversion needs visitors to come to the site. The purpose of an SEO campaign is to drive targeted traffic to a website from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Clients usually don’t realise the amount of work or length of time that goes into achieving this. It involves many aspects such as Keyword research, page optimisation, on site optimisation, a continuous project of creating out and inbound links. Backlinks, social media and other forms of content marketing. There is no cost as such to placing your website on a search engine but expect to pay considerable money for a decent SEO campaign. When a company spends vast amounts of money they are hoping to see a conversion very quickly. There is always a struggle between an SEO company and the client because they believes that the ACTUAL conversion is the responsibility of the SEO service provides. But this is where they are wrong.

An SEO teams job is to make that webpage rank high and be seen. To drive traffic to the site and so long as that is happening, they have done their job. An SEO company does not normally have a say on how the website navigation works, or the content or design. All of these are externally handled by the company or its developers themselves. When there are no conversions, but lots of traffic it means that the way the website is structured or even the model of the company is just not working.

Why do we need SEO? Because we will never get any business from our websites if no one is there to see them. So what determines the conversion? The quality of the website, the design, the reputation and the level of trust that can be built with a visitor.

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