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What SEO Services do Companies Provide

A list of SEO Services normally provided.

Looking for SEO services and firms can be daunting enough on its own let alone the multiple services they will shower you with. It’s a good idea before going into partnership with a firm to understand a little about each type of SEO work. Don’t just take their word for it. Research as much as you can. Don’t even just read what you see here, go to other sources and read relevant material. The more background knowledge you have the better and the less chance you go with the wrong firm. After all it is normally a large investment. The SEO Services list provided here are of current SEO practices and will continuously be updated in order to give you the most comprehensive list possible. Don’t forget to take a look at our other guides Hiring the Right SEO Company for your Needs and The Complete SEO Terminology Guide.

Firstly there are two types of SEO that will be carried out. ‘OFF PAGE’ and ‘ON PAGE’

Off Page SEO Explained

Off page SEO is where you work to optimize your web pages but from outside your website. This means getting links back to your website. It’s about getting others to see you and then the more links you get the more trust you build. Thus improving your rankings and SERP’s.

On Page SEO Explained

On page SEO used to be about specific keywords and Meta tags but Google caught onto this that there were experts who could very easily gain ranking. So they changed their algorithm to be more focused on the content. Now the content is tested for being unique and well written. Keywords are to be used accordingly and should be included as if naturally part of the article. If you want to rank for a certain keyword now it requires you to be attentive of the content. The title tag. The URL and the image alt text.

It is what you manage to do on your website and within the content.

Off Page SEO Services listed

Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Forum Posting
Article submission
Create WordPress Templates
Google Page Submission
Press Releases
Link Exchange [ Reciprocal & Nonreciprocal]
Classified Ad Posting
Comments Posting
Google Group Discussion
Yahoo Group Discussion
MSN Group Discussion
Yahoo Answers
Rediff Answers
Yellow-page Ad posting
Google Sitemap Creation (xml)
Yahoo Sitemap Creation (.txt)
Web 2.0 Implementation
RSS Feeds


On Page SEO Services listed

Domain choosing
Keyword Analysis – (overture or word tracker)
Website Architecture (CSS is the more SEO Friendly)
Website Analysis
Competitor Website Analysis
Title Tag
Meta Keywords
Meta Description
Heading Tag
Alt Tag
Content Optimization
Keyword density
Keyword prominence
Keyword proximity
Internal Linking.

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