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SEO Tasks to do daily

SEO Tasks to do Daily

Staying ranked on the big search engines is not easy and due to the constant shifting of algorithms and competition from other websites it is imperative that you continue to work on your SEO as much as possible. Here are SEO tasks to do daily in order to keep ahead of the competition.


It’s really important that you manage your links. This means checking that your current links are not dead and that any sites you are aware of linking to your site are still active. I like to keep an database file of all known links to my website which can easily be put into the browser for quick checking. Make sure that all the names for the links are relevant and that it forwards you to the correct page.

Categorize your links by putting the strongest ones first. Check that the websites that you are linking to and that any reciprocal back links are live as there isn’t much point in you linking to them but you are not getting the back link. If you didn’t discuss a trade in links beforehand then there is no obligation for the webmaster to link back to our website. Make sure you discuss this at the initial stage of contact.

Check your emails for link requests and process them quickly. Not all of them will be of value and you will need to manually check each site before discussing further with the respective owner. It is your reputation both to your visitors, yourself and the search engines. I always am straight forward and honest in my replies. If I feel that something is lacking in their website which makes me not want to links exchange I tell them. It’s also fair to say that not sending them a generic message goes a long way. You never know what can happen and perhaps one day you will need each other’s advice, experience or service at another time in the future.

Check your link exchange websites that you have decided to join. This is a little similar to the previous task except that it’s a little more difficult to track in forums. If allowed you should let them send requests to your email address anyway. The problem here is that you will get a lot of spam sites or sites that can’t offer a fair exchange. Link exchange is slowly becoming more obsolete as algorithms become stronger so I would advise thoroughly checking and researching before accepting a link exchange through this method.

Check that all your features are active and working properly on your website. Check all widgets, gadgets etc. are working fine as these are often little incentives to keep people on the website and browsing.

I think a sound piece of advice to you is that if you hear you only need to spend 30 minutes every few days on a website then it isn’t being looked after properly. Not to mention the more you update the more crawlers or bots come back to index and build trust. Take your time. Updates are crucial and must be executed with quality and precision in mind. Following this SEO tasks to do daily guide will ensure that your visitor has a pleasant visit and read. It will increase traffic, useful links and help with search engine rankings.

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SEO Tasks to do daily by Simon Thomas

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