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SEO on Autopilot – Magic Submitter Review

The Magic Submitter pushes your site to the top of the giant search engine, Google. At the same time it sends you as much qualified traffic as possible, providing you with lots of customers. This is all SEO on autopilot, lowering the possibilities of wasting your time, resources and energy. Essentially, the Magic Submitter spins your content, whether it is blogs, press releases, articles or videos and submits it to more than 500 sites spread across the internet.

In the process, you get to find thousands of backlinks automatically and you can add hundreds of extra sites if you so wish. Magic Submitter ensures your marketing is automatically scheduled every single day for seven days while setting up all backlink campaigns automatically to run for a number of weeks. With just a couple of clicks you get to add hundreds of extra websites through the Magic Submitter including more than twenty other amazing features ensuring your content marketing strategy has been implemented properly.

For those who have been using the tool for months or years, they have found that saving hundreds of hours is possible, time they could use to do other money making activities while leaving the Magic Submitter SEO on autopilot. It has the propensity to give greater results more than any other tool you might have used before. There is also free to access, interactive forums where the world’s most successful and talented SEO marketers meet to discuss amongst themselves and to help with any problem if need be.

Magic Submitter also comes with a customer support desk to ensure you have use of the full range of tools. Any problems you may have are handled with utmost urgency and the seriousness it deserves. They understand that the longer there is a problem the potential loss of business becomes a great risk. I think that the online support that this product gives compared to other similar products is second to none. I liked this because no matter how many questions I threw at them they could answer efficiently and correctly. The software certainly will be good for beginners and of course will do everything expected of it for the pro’s.


SEO on Autopilot – Magic Submitter Review by Simon Thomas


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