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How to stop your WordPress blog getting hacked

Secure your computer


1. Choose your username carefully.
Many people think that they are not susceptible to hacking on the internet with the common misplaced idea that ‘it won’t happen to me’. Unfortunately the people who hack and try to acquire your username and password is evolving at an alarming rate. Refrain from using words such as ‘admin’ as a username. This is almost like leaving the door open to a hacker who is using brute force software to gain entry into your account. Don’t use words like your name or address either. This information could have been obtained already. After all they are trying to access your account.

2. Use a strong password which is not common.
This second tip to stop your WordPress blog getting hacked might sound obvious but you will be surprised how many people use ‘password’ to secure their account. Using brute force will crack this in no time. It’s best to use a mixture of uppercase, lower case and numbers. Do it in a way that you can remember but make sure it’s well mixed. This is probably one of the only times using ‘haxor’ language will be useful. Instead of ‘joebloggs’ as a password try J03Bloggs2754. It will be much harder for hackers to force their way in.

Alternatively use a password generator like the one at It’s a simple yet effective way of making sure your content and hard work is safe.

3. Use the Google Authenticator Plugin.
Yep by using this handy little plugin whenever you try log into your WordPress account you add an extra level of security. You will need to download the app to your Iphone, Android or Blackberry. You will be prompted for the key every time and without it you won’t be able to log in. Don’t worry there is a recovery system in place if you forget it.

4. Always remember to update.
Updating to the latest version of WordPress might not sound like much of a way to secure your website but in actual fact these updates are released because some form of the coding needs to be….yes updated. It may have a flaw in the system, a bug might be found which compromises integrity leaving holes for people to exploit. It could be a direct security flaw. We don’t always know or care to read the update files. But rest assured by always being up to date you can rest assured that you are more secure than if you don’t.

 5. Be aware of what you are doing.
This final tip is really just about you being careful as you use the internet. The internet is a swarm of viruses and the malicious content is becoming more difficult to spot even with the best of virus protective software on the market today. Listen to your gut and don’t click on anything which you feel isn’t right in someway. Don’t download from a source you do not trust. Because the moment your system has been compromised it becomes a headache to remove it and can in many cases result in the need of a fresh install. Viruses today can be planted in the depths of your computer and one of those most commonly used is a key logger. This will record any passwords, bank detail and other personal information in order to be used at a later date. This is almost certainly the most used alternative to the brute force method.
Take care, be vigilant and look after your fellow bloggers, and webmasters. If you see something report it Google and other major search engines.

These are just 5 ways on how to stop your WordPress blog getting hacked. There are many more but the biggest tip is common sense. If something seems iffy, walk away. You and your site will be better for it


How to stop your WordPress blog getting hacked by Simon Thomas






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