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How to do SEO by yourself

SEO is complicated. SEO is hard work. All the different things you hear that need to be done. Well there is truth to the statement. It IS a lot of hard work. It is time consuming manually doing everything. Regardless if you choose to work manually or using certain software to complete the tasks the actual process is pretty much the same. If you are reading this page then perhaps you are thinking about how to do SEO by yourself and embark on that quest. This is a list of processes that is imperative in order to successfully rank for your keywords and bring that traffic in. So let’s start from the beginning shall we?

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Although I explain what it is many a time on my website it is fair to say that many visitors have specifically searched for an answer to this or other related questions and landed directly on a certain page pertaining to the topic. Just by you reaching my page it is basically SEO.

It is the concept of the content on a webpage being seen and showed for certain keywords after a user has searched for specific terms or keywords through a search engine like Google. You need SEO in order to rank higher in the pages. The higher you rank the more traffic you will receive. Did you know that if you are on the top of page one is search rankings for any given keyword you receive approx. 33% of the total traffic? A significant amount wouldn’t you say?

The optimization part is through many factors. Starting with keyword research and website optimization. Then with backlinks. SEO experts will tell you that you need them in order to rank for your keywords but the truth is that you can do it yourself. You might be asking why you would pay then if you can do it yourself. Well they have access to many connections that you would have to find yourself. Plus they SHOULD have vast knowledge straight away. If they were to turn around and start telling you about redirects, social signals, SERPs and Pagerank you might feel out of your depth. But these are things you will be living and breathing while you push your SEO efforts. They will be able to complete keyword research and implement much quicker. But this is obvious as they have been doing it for sometime already.

If your still here and I haven’t scared you away then read on for the most important elements that you will need to look into and work on in order to get highly ranked. I would also advise you to read my other article A Complete SEO Terminology Guide. You will find all the of the most commonly used terms and a breakdown of their meanings. Useful for all levels.

Find Keywords.

Research the best keywords you can possibly find which are suitable for your website and content. A free tool you can use is WordTracker and you can do up to 50 searches for free a day before you need to pay for more features. You need to incorporate them heavily into your content. This doesn’t mean dropping it every sentence. It has to be natural and readable. You should be looking for about a 1%-3% keyword rate. You should be using your keyword in your URL, your headlines, hyperlinks and throughout the actual text. The fine balance comes when you repeat the same keyword through multiple posts or articles. If you use the same word too much search engines sometimes gets confused and doesn’t know which page to rank, thus damaging your trust rating more than helping it. This leads onto don’t spam keywords per article. If you use 50 keywords in an article you can be sure the quality will be horrendous. I prefer Yoast’s approach to key wording and selecting one per article.

When you research the keywords using WordTracker it will tell you how many times that exact phrase has been searched over the period of 30 days. You want it to be around the 30,000 mark. And where it says competition it needs to be low. Sometimes it can be medium but it depends on the subject.  Keep working with this. Without this first stage done properly you simply won’t rank on Google.

Add new content on a regular basis.

You will be adding these keywords to your website and content but sometimes you will find they are not quite right. Write new content. Consider alternative forms of contents such as question and answers, reviews or even a news section. Great for getting those little keywords noticed. 

Submit your content to other websites and link.

This is difficult because ideally you should be offering to guest blog or submit articles. Inbound links are classified as very credible in Google’s eyes but make sure that the website that will be giving you the link is credible. Otherwise it can damage your reputation as well. Every time you get a link out there. You get a little bit of link juice. Backlinks are important and you get those by getting only inbound links to your website with no outbound link back.

Social Signals 

Since the Hummingbird algorithm update it is imperative that you are getting links from social websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Whenever you send out a post with a link to your website article on one of these social platforms that is a social signal. The more the better.

Link back to yourself 

If you noticed a bit further up the page I linked to another one of my articles. This is a great way of steering search engines in the right direction. Plus also you can boost traffic to other articles on your site that perhaps are performing better than others or underperforming.


Bookmarking your website is a quick and easy way of creating inbound links for your website. They allow you to write posts, articles and make lists of your favourite sites and share it with others. It shows that your content is valuable and will give you a little more juice getting you that bit closer to achieving high ranks for those keywords.

These are a few of the first but most important steps to getting your keywords ranked and website getting a steady amount of traffic. This guide is a basis and within each step it can become far more complicated. Not to mention the algorithms and bots the search engines use are consistently changing. Keep going and you will get there. And when you need that extra push. Don’t be afraid to call in the experts. You will have already saved money if you have begun with these steps.

How to do SEO by yourself by Simon Thomas

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