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Backlink Beast to Outrank Competition in SEO- Google Backlinks

Many online marketers sleep and wake up dreaming about overpowering their search engine optimization competition, something that can now be actualized as the Backlink Beast shows. Getting to the top of the rankings with google backlinks should not cause you stress again since the system can help you to rank better for some of the highly competitive keywords while outranking the top companies out there regardless a new Google update or not.

Also, Backlink Beast shows lots of people who have used the software and SEO service have been able to accomplish thousands of top page rankings in basically all the top search engines right from Yahoo, Bing to Google. No matter what questions you might have, you will find that the Backlink Beast program comes with a full money back guarantee after 60 days. Beyond the Penguin and Panda updates by Google, link diversity has become a necessity and no longer an option. The tool and service provides lots of hands off diversity in link building beating lots of programs already in the market today.

The program automates a site’s link diversity through creating lots of links from different areas such as submission of press release, web 2.0 profile links, document and PDF sharing sites, submissions to social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 content sites and submitting to social networking sites including thousands of custom sites that have been built on various platforms such as social engine, Oxwall, WordPress, Drupal and even BuddyPress among many others.

Backlink Beast shows that the tool also ensures you are not threatened or losing sleep by Google’s updates knowing you are at the top of your rankings and linking as your link tiers are automated. It is the best way to protect your money making site while at the same time ensuring it has been hammered with lots of reputable links. Any internet marketer will tell you how difficult it is to recover from a search engine update and we have all at one point or another seen that devastation in either traffic, earnings or worse, both.

Take a look at it and let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time.

Backlink Beast to Outrank Competition in SEO – Google backlinks by Simon Thomas

2 Responses to “Backlink Beast to Outrank Competition in SEO- Google Backlinks”

  1. What does Google think of single-page websites? There are some great websites using only a single page (& lots of CSS and Javasvcript) bringing the same user experience as a regular website with many subpages?

    • moos3onfire says:

      Hi Eve,
      Thanks for your question, I will try answer it as much as I can.

      Single – page websites have had a lot of traction over the last few years. They are beginning to count for a large portion of artists, designer studios, agencies and various other market websites online. On the one hand this is great, they look professional, easy to navigate and read. To answer the Google part of your question unfortunately they don’t tend to get picked up by Google crawlers. This is mainly because of two reasons. The first is due to the JavaScript being to heavy coupled with the lack of being able to rank high with keywords. Because everything is on one page and is parallex it doesn’t show Google that you have multiple sub-pages of quality content. Rather just one page. Back a few years ago even though there wasn’t much support many people were using one page websites (albeit almost pure HTML) and getting ranked just fine. After search engine updates and more stringent rules and algorithms from Google it just wasn’t enough anymore.

      The second reason is because Google now ranks a website based on a lot more data than before. Google uses the equation that if many are linking into your website then it must be of quality and gives preference to that website. That’s why high ranking backlinks are so important. A single page website will take much longer to rank because you will only have a single page of content to link back to every time on that domain. More pages and more content means it reaches more people and spreads out much faster.

      Personally if you are about to set up a page and cannot decide on which route to take I would advise on a regular website at this moment in time. Hold off until Google update again. There are ways around it but it means replicating data from the website so when the crawler views the site and code it is ‘optimized’ for it. Its making them see one thing while what a user sees is slightly different. Basically splitting a single page website to ‘look’ like multiple pages. Though I cant offer more information on this. I would stay clear of it as you can be penalized by Google. Im not sure if its a black hat technique but anything which is not 100 percent transparent to Google is a sure fire way of getting knocked off the rankings.

      I hope I managed to help somewhat. If you need any further information you can email me at enquiries@SEOANDWP.COM.


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