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My name is Simon Thomas and am the Founder and CEO of STMC Group. We are a collection of websites which adhere to a high standard of rules insuring quality content, reviews, tools and products.

I started SEOANDWP.COM with the idea that there would be good quality information to anyone thinking about becoming involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the difficulties that come with it. I also thought about the most commonly used Content Management System  (CMS) today that allows anyone access to write freely about any given subject. WordPress.

As well as tips, videos and articles about SEO and WordPress subjects I want to delve deeper into the products, plugins, web design themes and SEO tools that will give you more options. While visiting the site you will find product reviews from e-books, software and online tools. These will be impartial and honest and you will only ever see a product advertisement that we would use ourselves. Because our reputation is far more important than any affiliate program or click.

When I first started working as self-employed it was a daunting concept and one which still throws me off balance today sometimes. The problem with internet marketing is that you always have to stay one step ahead and unfortunately we are somewhat at the mercy of internet giants such as Google. This is true to many who have felt the wrath of Googles updates. I want this informative website to be accessible to all and hopefully help beginners and professionals alike.

Thank you for taking the time to visit SEOANDWP.COM.

All the best

Simon Thomas